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The City’s first order of business is to protect its citizens while ensuring a safe and secure community. Compassion should be tied to accountability. Unfortunately, politicians have expanded social welfare programs without imposing requirements that individuals turn their lives around. That’s why the homeless crisis has reached epidemic proportions. Homelessness is not an economic issue, it is a public health and social service issue as three-quarters of homeless individuals suffer from mental health and substance abuse problems. The transient/vagrant population is particularly problematic from the perspective the vast majority are not looking for treatment, assistance or shelter. Costa Mesa needs a sensible approach to address this issue. I will lead the effort to create new supportive housing units that provide medical care, mental health treatment, job counseling, and social services. Costa Mesa has been hit with an increase of crime as well as a major homelessness crisis as a result of the ever-increasing presence of untreated mentally ill persons and those who are chronically addicted while living on our streets. This problem has become even more acute with Prop 47, Prop 57 and AB 109. We need to invest in law enforcement and give them the tools they need to keep communities safe. I strongly support law enforcement and all our first responders. Together, as a team, we can work to make our city safer and more secure.


Our city leaders have dipped in the city reserves to pay for more frivolous spending. The last budget approved shows a 60 million deficit for the next five years. We need to get our city back on track and back to financial stability. Costa Mesa is home to the Harbor Boulevard of Cars, South Coast Plaza, Metro Pointe, The Camp, The Lab, Triangle Square and many other great shopping locations vital to our economy. However, sadly Costa Mesa ranks 34 of 34 in Orange County cities in per capita unrestricted net position (UNP). With a sensible budget that serves our residents, Costa Mesa can once again rise to the top. We do not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.


Businesses are one of the cornerstones of revenue for Costa Mesa. They help our city thrive. I have always been an advocate and promoter of free market principles and advocating for a more business friendly climate that grows the economy and creates good paying jobs in Costa Mesa. Our great city and country were built by business, not by the many government regulations. If you look at our recent history, government at all levels has become an impediment to business rather than an advocate. I will promote our existing businesses and advocate for the growth of new business in Costa Mesa.

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